and the Stetson Family

The People

TimKath Enterprises gets its name from owners Timothy and Kathy Stetson who both are native Vermonters and live in the town that is home to their company. Enosburg Falls, home, is located approximately 7 miles from the Canadian Border in Northern Vermont. The Green Mountains and Jay Peak are the backdrop to the TimKath Enterprises Story.

The Company

TimKath Enterprises was founded, as a sole-proprietorship, January 15, 1985 and the tradename, TimKath Enterprises, was registered with the State of Vermont on January 17 of that same year.

TimKath Enterprises' initial sales operation included business printing, advertising specialities, party supplies, and later additions of novelties, fund raisers and speciality merchandise.

Late in 1987, owners Tim and Kathy Stetson, because of their involvement in their community's Emergency Services, saw the need for a local dealer in Emergency Medical, Fire, Police and First Aid Supplies and Equipment - So was born our EMS-Fire-Police Equipment Supply Division.

Since that time, TimKath Enterprises has grown and regrouped, grown a little more and then re-grouped again. During the past year we reviewed where we were as a company and set about re-organizing our company structure to build upon those areas where we are the strongest and develop them further. Though remaining a "little guy" we are involved in numerous diversified business interests with most of those related to the field of production and entertainment.

Our business is conducted under the tradename TimKath Enterprises but we have a number of ServiceMark names that we use to differentiate our services and products. They include TimKath Enterprises Productions, Birch Lane Media, Marketing and Promotions (Home of Dealer & Repair Shop Supply Warehouse and TimKath Advertising Specialty Sales) . Our Pro-Audio and Lighting Sales Division is called Li'l Guys Pro Sound & Lighting Sales & Service. Each of these different units are described further in this business package.

Currently, because we are always on the move, our showroom and store are open most daytimes and at odd hours, including evenings and weekends, thereby catering to the individuals that work during the daytime hours at things other than entertainment and production. We have met with customers at 9:00pm when the need was there. The showroom, offices and store are open by appointment or by chance, a system, that for us, has worked well for our customers.


TimKath Enterprises is geared to serving Vermont, Southern Quebec, Eastern New York and Western New Hampshire. Through our internet connection we are able to provide services as well throughout the entire country. Our production division is preparing for shows into 2001 as far away currently as Watertown, NY. The market area continues to grow, though we want it to grow responsibly so we can grow the business without fear of demise.

Marketing Plan

To market our products and services, TimKath Enterprises is using the following marketing programs:

1) Word of Mouth - Still our best marketing tool
2) Direct Mailings

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Timothy Stetson